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It is a must for the online casinos to be translated into different languages depending on their territory. English, Spanish and German are the most often used languages by the international companies that focus on the global market. If the platform is not translated into the language you speak at a high level, it is recommended for you to avoid it. It is very important for you to understand the website content and to be able to communicate with the customer support team in your local language.

How significant are the languages in the gambling industry?

Quite significant, actually! To realize the rules of the games and the information in each section you should speak the language. Of course, the browsers offer instruments for automatic translation, but it is not always that correct. Check out in what languages the platform is available by using the option to switch to another language. This function is most frequently added in the header or the footer of the website.

When you risk your own funds, the language barrier shouldn’t be an obstacle for you. It is very mandatory to communicate with the customer support team in your own local language if the state regulator licenses the online casino. In case you play in a non-licensed casino, make sure that it supports the English language. This is how you will receive competitive responses from the support team and will faultlessly solve your problems.

Which languages are the most often used in the casinos?

By using the option to change the language in different online casinos, you will see that most of the websites are translated into.

  • English language – the most popular one in the gambling industry as it is the local language to more nearly 700 million people across the world.
  • German language – it is used in many countries in Central Europe, but it is popular in many other regions across the planet, too.
  • Spanish language – nearly 600 million people use it on a daily basis, and its top application is in the online casinos in South America.
  • Scandinavian languages – in this list, we find Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish, which are the languages in the regions where gaming is highly advanced.
  • Russian language – dozens of casinos translate their platforms in the Russian language due to its widespread use in the ex-soviet republics.


If you don’t speak any of the languages in which the casino is translated, do not join it. Find a more suitable platform that corresponds to your language requirements.

It depends on the company’s terms and conditions and its license. In case the casino is licensed by the state regulator, it is a must for the operator to provide customer support service in the local language.

In most cases, the tool to change the language of the website is added at its top side. You will find the country's flag whose language the platform uses right now, while from the drop-down menu, you can make the desired change.

Of course, it’s the English language. There is no gambling company, which tries to conquer the global market without this language website version.

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