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Free Blackjack(14 games)

Blackjack is one of the most popular classical casino games ever.


One of the reasons for this game to make such an endorsement in the casino world is that Blackjack has quite simple rules – the player should make a hand with a total value as close as possible to 21 (the best way is to have a hand equal to 21 exactly), but not higher than 21. You win, if your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand.

But Blackjack isn’t gambling entertainment where luck is everything. It’s a master game and it takes skills. Besides, Blackjack has been known as the game with the best chances for a player’s win.

In this page you will find free Blackjack games that are compatible with all the browser types. All of these games can be played for free and with playing chips, while each of them has an extra option to visit a website, where real-money bets are accepted.

Our free Blackjack games are more than 10. They are provided with convenient interface and playing functions on the main screen, which helps the customer to get to know the game fast.

The free games offers you the chance to meet the rules and get some experience in Blackjack in order to eventually get prepared with efficient strategies for the real-money mode.

How to play free Blackjack games?

  1. Select a concrete Blackjack version and click on it. Then, place on the table a certain amount of your virtual balance (every game has its own minimum bet limit you should reconcile with) by using the chips from the top side of your screen. If you want to change your bet, just click on “Clear Bets”.
  2. Press “Deal” button and the software will deal your cards. The number of the cards varies depending on the Blackjack type you select, but in most cases you will be dealt with two cards. All of the other players will get the same number of cards, including the dealer. You see only your cards, while from the dealer’s cards there’s only one you can see.
  3. Now you have to decide how to play. With the button “Hit” you get extra cards, click on “Stand” to remain with the same number of cards and in addition to these, there’s a button to double your bet. Doubling your bet is a good idea only when you think that your hand has the quite great chances and to be more specific, when you believe your hand is better than the dealer’s hand. In case of two equal cards, you’ve got the option for “Split” which gives you two new cards. If the visible dealer’s card is an ace, you get chance to make “insurance” against the combo of an ace and a ten.
  4. When you make your choice, you will see the dealer’s cards and the winner is going to be determined.
  5. The card (or the hands depending on the Blackjack format) that has the closest to 21 value, wins the prize.

Basic tips to play Blackjack

  • Never split two tens. The same goes for two fives. If you have two 5s, it’s recommended for you to ask for two more extra cards
  • The split is recommended, though, when you have two 8s
  • Do not change any hand with a total amount of more than 17
  • If the virtual dealer’s visible card is between 2 and 6 and your hand is at a total amount between 12 and 16, do not make any changes. If the dealer’s hand is 7 or higher, press on “Hit” for new card dealing.
  • Double the bet in case you have an ace, but the dealer doesn’t
  • Don’t forget that the final goal in this game is not to make 21 – the final goal is actually to have a better hand than the dealer’s hand

It has entered the massive culture so deeply that there’s no person, who hasn’t heard of Blackjack.

Questions and answers for Blackjack online

The truth is that the casino has an advantage in the Blackjack win just like in any other casino game. This advantage, though, is in the particular cases the least possible, so if you have a good strategy, you can definitely win money from Blackjack online.

You need a device that has internet connection. It might be a desktop or a mobile device. If you prefer to play with real money, you should select a licensed online gambling operator and to make a registration on the platform. The demo games can be played directly via our platform with no registration.

Yes, besides the classical Blackjack format, there are other alternatives with extra bets and functions. For instance, in Lucky Lucky game you win in correlation of 200 to 1 if the three visible cards at the table are 7s.

If the card pack is shuffled after each hand, which is the case in most of the online casino games, including Blackjack, the popular from the movies counting card tactic is impossible. The shuffle after each hand means that counting the cards from the previous hand becomes useless.

Most of the online casino rooms have live games with real dealers that are streamed in real time. They are though always real money games.