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Other(5 games)

If you love extraordinary and various casino games this category is definitely the right place for you. Here you will find, Sic Bo, War, Craps, Keno, Dragon Tiger.


Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese game that is played with three dices and that is extremely popular in the casinos bases in Asia.

We believe that roulette and dice game lovers will get fond of it. The game is quick, with fine tempo and nothing unnecessary to destruct you.

In the beginning the game dashboard might look to you a bit complicated, but note that the terms and conditions in Sic Bo are not at all. By clicking on Play button three virtual dices are drawn, but before that you place your bet for the drawing outcome.

The dashboard seems complicated, because it’s formed of all of the Sic Bo possible bet types you can place. Take a look at the dashboard closely and attentively to see the big variety of bets and options you have in this game. If you want to keep things simpler, though, you can just place bets on the total amount of the three dices.


War is, doubtlessly, the simplest casino game you can find nowadays. In this game two cards are dealt – one for you and for the croupier. Purely and simply, if your card is higher, you win and you double your bet.

The other bet type you can place in War is for a draw. If you bet that both of the cards will be with equal value you multiple your stakes with 11.00.

Dragon Tiger

Practically, Dragon Tiger is a version of Baccarat, where there are two cards on the table (in Baccarat, as you know, there are two cards for the player and two more for the dealer).

From these two dealt cards one is for the Dragon and the other – for the Tiger. What you have to do is to make a prediction about the card that’s going to be higher.

You can also make additional bet types – like a bet for a draw or if there’s going to be a small card (A-6), as well as a big card (K-8), plus, the color of the card the Dragon or the Tiger will receive.