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Free Baccarat(4 games)

In our website you can try three Baccarat versions 100% for free – with no limits, restrictions or tough to be met additional requirements.



By all means, we cannot claim that Baccarat game isn’t popular, but hence, it cannot compete with Blackjack, for instance, when it comes to popularity. This game has definitely won its glory minutes, even in the contemporary pop culture as it has participated in a whole series of famous movies, including the James Bond series.

Here are the card values in Baccarat

  • Ace is equal to 1
  • The cards between 2 and 9 preserve their common values
  • The cards after 10 have, though, no value

Therefore, the highest hand you can make in Baccarat is a combination of two nines. In case the total amount of two cards exceeds 10, then 10 is deducted from this total amount to eventually get a monomial number.

Here’s one example for you to see it clearly: The total amount of a hand with an 8 and a 6 is 4 (8 + 6 = 14; 14 – 10 = 4).

As we can see the way we calculate the value of our hand in Baccarat can sound a bit complicated in the beginning, which is why we strongly recommend you to at first try the free online games in the platform and then, to register in a real-money gambling platform with Baccarat in its portfolio.