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Free Video Poker(28 games)

Playing video poker has lots of pros. It unites the pleasure of the traditional poker with a couple of new extras. This is a single player game, which means that you don’t have other people to become your opponents.


When you play video poker with the right strategy you can wipe out the casino’s advantage and turn it into your own advantage, which is one of the reasons for so many serious players to choose this poker format (or Blackjack, an another card game) instead of playing slots or roulette.

On this page we offer free video poker games made by experienced developers, while in the next lines we will discuss the different video poker game types.

What is a video poker game?

The video poker games are predecessors of the slots. They represent a fantastic method for a combination of the thrill while playing casino games with the mathematic basics in poker.

The first video poker games were made back in the 70s in the USA.

It’s an interesting fact that this poker format creator was also an owner of a casino equipment company, which has been popular even these days. Currently, it’s familiar with the name of IGT (International Game Technology), but back in those days it was called Sircoma.

Which are the most winning and profitable for the punters video poker games?

Probably, you will be interested in trying all of the video poker games (and there’s no problem to do so through the free playing mode with play money), but the experienced punters know how important it is to count on the games that come with the biggest potential for an income.

The most popular and profitable video poker alternatives among the players these days are the following:

  • Joker Poker – in this video poker game the Joker takes the role of a substitute (wild card). In this poker format you get a prize when you make a pair of kings or a higher hand. In case of an optimal strategy the RTP in this game is more than 100%. In other words, you have the real chance to make long-term wins.
  • Deuces Wild – in this poker version all of the twos can be played as wild cards. The statistics says that the hand of four of a kind comes once per 15 hands. The lowest hand that brings you a win is three of a kind. This game also comes with 100% RTP, but only if you apply the most suitable strategy.
  • Jacks or Better – it’s the most popular video poker format. The player should have at least a pair of Jacks to get the prize.
  • Tens or Better – this is an analogue game to Jacks or Better with the only difference that here, the prizes start from a pair of tens.

How to play video poker games online for free?

Casinowebgames.com provides two dozens of video poker games that are totally free of change for playing. What does free of charge, though, actually mean? It means that you will not place bets with the tough to be earned in real life money, but instead, with playing chips that are received by the game software and reset every time you quit the game.

When you come back to the game you will be notified that you are actually playing for fun – you cannot either win money, or lose anything from your budget.
Once you realize that you can skip to the basics of the game. In the lobby of any game the buttons for bets are placed under the virtual table. In the two bottom corners there’s information about your balance and about the bets in the current hand, while in the top corners on your screen there are buttons for the following things:

  • Button for information where the so called Pay Table is located. It tells you with what odd your bet will be multiplied with in case of any possible winning game regardless if it’s going to be a pair or a royal flush.
  • Options for screen and betting settings
  • Buttons to mute the sound
  • Link to the game developer’s website
  • Menu with other games made by this developer

Play video poker through your mobile devices

The video poker games follow the mobile trends and can be freely played via a mobile device (it doesn’t matter what the mobile device company provider is or what operating system the device runs on).

The biggest benefit of playing video poker in a mobile mode is that you are not limited within your experience like you are limited when playing via a desktop device at home. With a mobile video poker game you can play anywhere you are.

In our website there’s no necessity to download any mobile app to use the mobile poker software products. Casinowebgames.com is a mobile-friendly website that automatically enters the mobile mode once the browser opens the platform. Mobile-friendly means that a website is optimized in a way to adjust to any screen size.

Questions and answers about video poker online

Video poker is distinguished with many things by the traditional poker games. Usually, poker is determined as a social game, because in this game you play against real opponents whether online or in a ground casino. In online video poker, though, you play against the computer. Video poker is a faster game and you need less time exactly because you don’t have to wait for the other opponents to consider how to act, because the computer decides what to do immediately. In addition to these, video poker is simpler than the traditional poker game. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge in mathematics and psychology, which are on mandatory for the standard poker player.

Although slot games and video poker have common background history, today, they are familiar with not few differences between each other. While in comparison to the traditional poker, video poker is simpler, if comparing it to slots video poker is a bit more complicated. Slots require just clicking on the same button, while in video poker you should at least be aware of the game terms and conditions and you can even increase your chances for a win by applying any of the basic strategies.

We cannot know what video poker game is going to be the most entertaining for you – it’s an individual matter of preferences and tastes. However, if we take a close look at the games where the possibility for a win is comparatively bigger, we strongly recommend you the following video poker alternatives – Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild as here you get a real chance to make long-term wins against the betting house.

If what’s you are right now looking for is playing free video poker games online, this page is your right place to stay. The more enthusiastic players can check out the online casino operators which accept bets with real money, too.

Yes, video poker is just like the other casino games and you can play it through a mobile device. The interface of the video poker formats isn’t significantly changed. It’s just adjusted to the smaller mobile screen sizes.