Casinos By Year

This is a list of online casinos based on the year of their establishments, including platforms from the first days of the internet gambling industry. You will find detailed information about each legal operator, as well as when exactly it started its activity. Whether there is any matter when a concrete casino opened and whether you must worry about the latest gaming websites – these questions are answered in our guide below.

Online gambling background history

Everything started during the first half of the 90s when the local government in Antigua and Barbuda (a country in the Caribbean region) carries up a legal act for free trade. This was when licenses for companies with affinity to the internet gambling industry were given, while their actions started to be strictly followed by the local jurisdiction.

In the 1994th year, the first software company for the development and distribution of entertainment games was created – Microgaming, which still exists. The company started providing the first online casinos, while the most popular among them was InterCasino. This casino started operating back in the 1996th year, and it has been declared the first online gaming platform.

During the next couple of years, a giant impact of internet gambling has started. Some small countries saw potential in this industry, and they have turned into regulators for the global market. After the 2000th year, the casinos began increasing in number dramatically fast, while their annual incomes exceeded milliards of dollars. Besides slot machines, the companies implement software for live dealer casino games, poker platforms and also develop their own casino products.

Does the year of establishment matter?

When you select an internet casino, it is important to focus on a couple of features – the quality of the services, payment methods, mobility, etc. We wouldn’t put the year of the establishment as a top key feature, but it’s important to get to know the company’s history, too. This information will give you a hint as to the website reliability and whether it’s been progressing the right way.

Of course, there are many new casinos that are owned by the international leaders in the gaming industry – this is when the year of the establishment actually doesn’t matter at all. However, when we discuss a company with its first gambling website, to worry about its trustworthiness is reasonable. By using our lists, you will find out more about the selected platform and its background history.


According to the official information, InterCasino is the first web platform for gambling games. It was established in the 1996th year, and for the 20 years ahead, it owns 25% of the market on the Old continent.

Antigua and Barbuda is the oldest regulator on the gambling market. However, a couple of years later, the licensed jurisdiction in Malta appeared.

Yes, there are. In the online sphere, new casinos constantly appear on the market. They are distinguished with an innovative look, generous promotions and a massive list of games.

The first online casino was created in 1996th year, but it took 3-4 years later for the total number of gaming platforms to increase. Finally, at the beginning of the new century, the first websites for gambling products that really matter for the industry appeared.

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