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Free Roulette(13 games)

Roulette is one of the first games you will think off when you hear about casino. This exciting game has been always attracting around its table the visitors in the ground casinos. Nowadays, though, a lot of roulette types can be also found in the online betting platforms.


If you are a roulette fan and you played roulette in a real casino, you can experience the pleasure of this game again – but through your computer or mobile device. Fortunately, in the internet there are numerous online casino rooms where you can test your luck, while here you can even play the most popular roulette types 100% for free – with no registration, deposits or any other requirements.

What do we know about the roulette game?

The roulette is a game with a rich background history and the truth is that it’s hard to say who exactly invented and when was that. There are a couple of hypothesizes and one of them says that the game was made by the big French mathematician, Blasé Pascal in the middle of the 17th century. The other suggestion is that the game was created by monks basing on an old Tibetan game.

The facts about the first appearance of the roulette game in the casino rooms are, though, more concrete and explicit. According to the archives it was in France. Once the game become popular in France, it had quickly found big popularity in many other countries starting from Canada and England.

The name of the game comes from French language and means “small wheel”. In this current appearance, the roulette formed in the 19th century when two twin brothers from France added the notorious zero that gives an advantage to the casino.

How to play roulette?

In its all alternatives roulette wheel has 37 positions – they include all the numbers from 0 to 36.

The game is played as a small ball is placed in the roulette and right after the roulette stops spinning the results are determined by the position on which the ball ended.

Before that, though, the players make their bets. These bets are always related with the position of the ball after the spin – whether on the concrete position, on black or white, as well as many other bet types. The other main bets are, by the way, Split (a bet for two next numbers), Street (a bet for a line of numbers) and so on.

It’s significant for the punters to know that the roulette is one of the games where the factor of luck is the most obvious and important. There are no specific strategies that can increase the probability for a win. The only thing you can do, though, is to hope for the wheel to listen to your prayers.

Different versions of the roulette

There are different games that can be added to the roulette model. All of them follow the same terms and conditions, but each of them has its own little, but crucial specifications. The most popular roulette games are the following:

  • European – this is a traditional roulette format with numbers from 0 to 36. The casino’s advantage in European roulette is 2.7%.
  • American – this roulette has two positions with zero instead of a single one, which is typical for the European format. The availability of two zeros increases the casino’s advantage up to 5.4%. That’s why American roulette is the least profitable roulette type.
  • French – it is with a specific format in comparison to the European roulette, but the rules are similar.

Free roulette online

The roulette is one of the most entertaining games, but comes with one particular con – you can lose money, while playing if you do it in an online casino with real money. Of course, you can win, too, but if you don’t want to risk your money, you can instead try our online browser roulette games.

You will get a free access to a couple of different roulette versions that can be played with no registrations or deposits. Instead of real money you will receive a bank of virtual chips to use for bets and to make virtual wins.

The free roulette game allows you to play as much as you want (in a real casino environment you would want to stop in case of a long series of losses) and eliminates the stress from the risk of financial damages. Naturally, it also eliminates the joy of an eventual win. If you prefer real-money games, take a look at our casino reviews where there are a lot of roulette offers.

Questions and answers about online roulette

These days, there are numerous roulette formats, but the main classification of this game divides it into three groups – European, American and French. The casino industry’s creativity has brought to the real world a big number of new roulette games, for instance with two balls, alternatives with fewer or more positions than the standard 36 positions, games with more wheels, speedy roulettes and so on. There’s nothing that can limit the number of the newly created roulette game types.

The safest bet type is the bet that leads to the biggest probability for a win. These are the bets for black or red and for even or uneven number. In all of them, the probability for win from your bet is up to 50%. The hardest bets are Straight-Up bets where you bet on a specific number and the probability here is 1 to 37 (in the European roulette format).

Up to this particular moment no one has made it to think off a way to deceive the roulette game and to win in a long term. As long as the machine hasn’t been manipulated there’s no way to guess where the ball will appear on the next spin. There’s no actual strategy that can help you predict it, but you can, though, use different strategies for your betting control management.

Straight-up bet can be placed on any number, including on zero. Actually, when punters place bets on specific numbers, they usually choose zero. In the American roulette format you can even bet on the double zero.

If you want to play with real money, yes, you should register. In our website, thought, there are free online roulettes that don’t require any registrations or even the downloads of any software products. You have everything at your disposal through your browser.