Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a set of many actions coming from both sides in the industry. At one hand, we see the online gambling operators that should and even must create conditions for safe gambling activity for each of their games. At the other hand, we see the customers registered in the betting houses that have the personal responsibility to meet the risk of online gambling and to learn how to play reasonably.

The measures which should be taken by the betting operators in the sake of the responsible gambling principles include:

  • Not allowing minors in the gambling market and not releasing advertising materials that are directed to such people
  • Specially tailored systems for customers who have problems with reasonable gambling
  • Instruments for self-restraint of the gambling problems (imposing deposit and bet limits)
  • Personal data protection and safe transactions for the customers
  • Guarantee for the impartiality of the games

The observing of these measures isn’t just a matter of corporative responsibility. It’s the main focus course in the work of the gambling regulators from all around the world.

Help for problem

What’s gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is equal to irresistible inner desire to participate in gambling games. In many aspects it is very common to the other types of common addictions and it’s officially acknowledged for such by the health organizations on the entire planet.

It’s not on mandatory for all gamblers to become addicted. The casino games, as well as the rest types of gambling activities, are possible to be just entertainments and the most favorite hobbies for many people. And actually this is the most common case. Gambling is a hobby that brings lots of entertainment for lots of people. However, there are some players who go too far and eventually thet face the serious problem of getting addicted.

If you have any gambling problems and don’t take it seriously, please, be aware that it can bring some catastrophic risk for all of the aspects of your life. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can take to get rid of them.

What are the symptoms of the problematic gambling?

The first and the most important step you should take when it comes to coping with any type of a problem, is to realize that you have a problem. You need to admit that you have a problem. However, this isn’t always such an easy task, especially when it comes to gambling and mainly when there’s no one around you to see your behavior and tell you that you are going beyond the bounds of the normal gambling activity.

Though, it’s not impossible at all to see the signs of your personal gambling problem without anyone’s help. You just need to analyze your behavior closely. There are a couple of fundamental alarming signals that suggest you have some of gambling addiction symptoms:

  • You try to recover your losses and in the end you actually bet more than you planned to bet in advance
  • You spend more time in gambling rooms and websites than with your family and your friends
  • You have the need to gamble with bigger and bigger bet amounts to get satisfied and pleasure
  • The gambling games are in your mind even when you are not at the casino table
  • When you play you lose count of time
  • You always turn to gambling when you feel financial difficulties
  • You borrow money to be able to continue gambling
  • You enter the website for online casino games when you want to escape any psychological or emotional problems
  • You get irritated too easily when someone interrupts you while you are gambling

How can the online casinos help you cope with the problems in gambling addiction?

Some of the measures that are on mandatory taken by the licensed online casinos will help you a lot to deal with problematic gambling.

According to us, there’s no doubt that the best measures among them is the function to put different limits. Such gambling limits can be:

  • A limit for the maximum deposit amount and for a certain period – day, week, month or other
  • A limit for the maximum bet that you can place per game
  • A limit for the maximum amount you can lose per particular period
  • A limit for the time you spend in your gambling account

All of these functions will help you track and control your bets, as well as avoid to reach the situation when you will be short of money due to your own gambling addiction.

There’s one more extreme measure and it’s the function to suspend your account access. It can be temporary or permanent. The temporary function limits you the access to your gambling profile for a certain period and once the time passes you can either enter it with the same login credentials, or to prolong the period. The permanent account suspension is the most drastic measure. With it you categorically and forever close your gambling profile in a certain operator. It’s a measure you cannot reverse.

Which are the outer organizations for gambling addiction help?

Besides the inner measures in all the online gambling websites, there are also third parties – outer organizations that will provide you free help or support in your potential battle against the gambling problems. We hope you will never have to take this fight, though.

GambleAware, GamStop and Gamcare are some of the organizations you can look for to get information and to ask for help.

Top 5 important tips for responsible gambling

Establish decent bankroll management system and stick to it. Always gamble only with the money you have separated especially for gambling.
Using the funds you need to pay your bills and cover other common expenses is one of the most dangerous things you can do. When you play online casino games you should always have in mind that there’s a chance for a win or for a loss every single minute. Especially if you place bets that are incommensurable with your bankroll size in percentage format

Limit the time you spend in the casino rooms
It’s very important to take the benefits of the function that allows you to limit the spent time in the casino rooms. The online gambling websites provide you such an opportunity and if you visit ground casinos you will have to personally establish such a limit for your activity.

Meet each game terms and conditions
If you don’t know the terms and conditions of a game, clicking on the buttons randomly increases the gambling element even more and makes you more vulnerable to develop gambling addiction. Here’s one good motivation to learn the game rules – the better you know the game, the more chances you have to win.

Don’t play when you drink and don’t drink when you play
Keep your head clear while you are gambling. This will not protect you from expensive rash actions, but will also reduce the probability to get gambling addiction.

Don’t forget that the casino game is just a game
It’s good to often remember that casino gambling isn’t your real job, but a form of entertainment. Don’t bet more money than you could invest for an e-book purchase and don’t spend too many emotions in betting.