Casino Game Types

9 Game Types

Gaming platforms offer different casino game types that are available for officially registered customers. The most popular ones are the video slots, but Blackjack and roulette are pretty preferred by gamblers, too. With one click with the mouse, you can dive into the gambling entertainment and try to win the online casino in these cool games. We are about to review how the casino games are structured and which ones among them are the top popular.


Web casinos are typical with two main benefits compared to the land-based casino rooms: the bigger variety of games and the higher RTP rate. On the internet, you can find slot machines with at least 95% RTP, which literally leads to as small as possible losses.

The slots are divided into several categories depending on the number of their paylines, the bonus functions and the theme. The classical and fruit slots can brag about the biggest attached audiences, and they are followed by the progressive jackpots and the MegaWays machines.

The paylines in a slot machine vary between 5 and up to more than 10 000 paylines. Their numbers determine the maximum quantity of the profits you can receive per one spin, but it also influences the total placed stake. As to the reels, the most liked slots are those with 5 reels, but the authentic slot machines with 3 reels shouldn’t be underestimated at all, either.

Live casino

In order to beat the competition in the person of the ground casinos, the internet operators implement the so called live games with real dealers. Through the direct live service from the studio everything that happens at the table is streamed in real time, while the chronometer shows the remaining time until the beginning of a new draw.

Within each 15-20 minutes, the croupiers change without interrupting your game, though. When you select a room, you should reconcile your choice with the bet limits, as well as with the admissible number of players that are allowed to join it. In case all the table seats are taken, you can participate on a second line, which means to predict who from all the gamblers will be the winner in the next draw.

The most preferred games in the live casinos are the following: European roulette, poker, Baccarat, Monopoly, Blackjack, Under/Over and Lucky Fortune Wheel. There are gambling operators that provide live slots with real dealers, too.

Video poker

If you are not a fan of the live atmosphere or you are a newbie in the poker field, then, on mandatory test the virtual poker prototypes. They are based on the main poker rules, and even the winning combinations, as well as the card values, are preserved here.

There are several video poker types:

  • Joker Poker – it is played with a standard pack of 52 cards + a joker
  • Bonus Poker – it pays better profits in case of 4 equal cards
  • All Aces – it offers an increased odd in case of a hand of 4 Aces
  • Pai Gow Poker – it is played with two hands that are composed of 5, respectively 2 cards
  • Race the Ace – the Ace provides one move ahead when a new card of the same colour is opened.

In almost all of the web casinos, there is video poker, and usually, these game types are integrated into the section “Table games”.

Number games

In the gaming industry, there are also a number of games with instant profits where you can count only on your luck. In this category, you will find the games Bingo and Keno, which are parts of the top reputable online casinos.

There are many Bingo types, but some of the top popular are the following:

  • American Bingo – it is played with 75 numbers, and the profits are paid in a horizontal, vertical and diagonal order.
  • Mini Bingo – here, 30 balls are involved, while the ticket has 9 sections.
  • Mega Bingo – you should buy a ticket with 15 numbers from 1 to 90. And you win the mega profit in case all of your ticket numbers are among those from the draw.

Keno has similar rules, but the participation in this game is a bit more different. You don’t buy a ticket with preliminary filled in numbers, but you fill them in yourself in the ticket. You win the jackpot if you succeed in predicting all 10 or 20 numbers, depending on the game terms and conditions.

Virtual roulette

The online casinos provide a virtual roulette where the combinations are determined automatically by the software. The player selects a bet size, and this is how he or she starts the drawing, after which, on the screen, the winning section pops up.

The most popular roulette is the European roulette version which is 97.3% RTP. It is played with 37 sections, and you can choose between French, in-house and outside bets. The American roulette format has 38 sections – there’s one more extra zone, “00”, that actually provides an advantage for the casino house.


Most of the online casinos put an accent on the slots by adding hundreds of different titles from the leading casino software providers. A study has shown that the most searched slots are the fruity machines and the pyramid titles. As to the number of the paylines, the players usually prefer the slots with 20 or 40 paylines.

In the gambling operators there are slot demo versions, as well as demo modes for video poker, roulette and scratch cards. Thanks to this service all of the newbies can meet the casino games without even registering or risking any money.

The brands implement virtual roulette and live roulette experience where each drawing is made by a real croupier. You can enjoy roulette with two balls, as well as American, Speed roulette, etc., but the most interesting one for the gambles is the European roulette due to its high RTP.

The gaming platforms provide a wide variety of live games with real dealers. The most beloved ones among them are the Blackjack, Texas Hold Em and European roulette. You can also try Baccarat, Omaha, 3-card poker, Monopoly.