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Discover in the following review. It shares details about the gaming software provider’s history. The company's products are popular across the world and available at Bwin Casino. ( Digital Entertainment) was a well-known gambling solutions provider.
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Company was established in early 2011 when bwin Interactive Entertainment and PartyGaming joined forces. The company was the biggest online gambling product supplier and platform operator to go publicly listed. was the giant behind popular projects such as PartyPoker, World Poker Tour, and bwin, of course – a sports betting platform known worldwide.

The merger between bwin and PartyGaming became a fact in 2011 but it was initiated a couple of years earlier. A year and a half later, in late 2012, bwin decided to sell Ongame, a successful online poker platform, to the Amaya Gaming Group.

The Gibraltar-based company has a lot of history. PartyGaming used to be the biggest online poker provider in terms of revenue. This changed with the shift in U.S. legislation in 2006. Still, it is a brand that all poker players everywhere can easily recognize.


What should you know about was an industry giant. In 2010, it became the largest publicly traded entity operating in the online gaming industry. Being listed on the London Stock Exchange meant nothing but success for the company.

The successful merger meant new heights for both companies and this development did not go unnoticed. In September 2015, announced that it has accepted an offer from GVC, meaning that the company would seize to exist in its present form and under its current branding. The deal became a fact in early 2016.

Apart from the plethora of online gambling and sports betting products and solutions, the developer was also focused on poker games and video slots. The library of consists of more than a hundred titles. It is a diverse one, as it includes both classic and modern slots, as well as roulette and blackjack games. The slot machines released by the company were known to offer significant jackpots.

Which are the most popular products?

The developer was known to use innovative technology for the creation of its poker games and slots which featured good graphics and interesting themes.’s catalog is impressive and it features a lot of content. This is part of what it includes:

  • Bingo games: bwin acquired a company named Cashcade in 2009 and eventually happened to be in charge of it later. This meant that Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, and PartyBingo were all under the developer’s control. Bwin offered bingo games online as soon as the acquisition became a fact – at the end of 2009.
  • Soft Games: bwin had an excess of 60 titles in various categories such as skill games, fortune games, mini games, etc. These titles included even backgammon, among a few other types of games. This was actually an innovation for the gaming market and the company realized its potential.

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Questions and Answers

The developer was formed after the merger between bwin and PartyGaming.

The company was shaped in 2011 but it was negotiated in 2009. was one of the biggest operators of poker platforms.

Yes, the company sold Ongame to Amaya Gaming Group.

The company was founded in Gibraltar.

The company was acquired by GVC in late 2015.

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