Mr Green with a penalty in Sweden due to a leach in the responsible gambling policy

The gambling operator Mr Green has been finally sentenced to pay a penalty at a total amount of more than $200,000 in Sweden as the appeal against the sentence did not make it in the court.

The company was accused of not full correspondence to the standards for the responsible gambling and specifically of sending promotional offers to players who are part of the self-excluding program.

Mr Green responded that it happens only when the player entered the program between the period of the examination by the casino website regarding the participation in the program and the moment for e-mail sending. They also added that it took them 10 hours to arrange their lists with e-mails and to reform the messages.

The Swedish Agency for customer protection, though, released a contra statement according to which the operator is responsible for not having the necessary technology to avoid such cases and for check any customer’s status faster. The court took the agency’s side and confirmed the penalty.