Privacy Policy

Casinowebgames respects and counts on each customer’s privacy and safety and due to this reason we would like to assure you that the entire customer information we store in our platform is severely confidential. The customer’s information is not used in any wrongful or unlawful way. uses HTTP cookies which mainly aim to keep a record of the website traffic. We don’t use the cookies to determine the customer’s actual and real identity. We perform monitoring of the visits in our website in order to increase the quality of the offered products, too.

As personal data protection is a significant task for us, we have created the following guide that provides you the entire information regarding how and what type of data we store in our data base.

By opening our website it’s considered that you agree with our Privacy Policy, as well as with all of the principles described in this policy.

1. What kind of customer information do we store in our system?

The stored data about the visits in Casinowebgames include:

  • IP address from which the website is opened
  • The browser which executed the order
  • The device operating system used for opening the website
  • Unique device ID code
  • Mobile network and/or internet provider

Apart from these details we can also receive data about your relationships with the gambling operators. This information is in an anonymous form and through it there’s no possibility for your identity to be disclosed. From our partners we receive notification when a customer opens any of their websites through our gambling platform, as well as when a customer makes a registration or plays any of the gambling operator’s game via our website links.

2. Your personal details are not shared with any third parties

The personal data you provide cannot be used by Casinowebgames for any commercial goals or exchange with third parties. Usually, your personal data can be seen only by our team and employees.

We carefully select the companies to become partners with in order to create valuable content for our readers. We keep the right to provide third parties with some statistical information about the traffic and any information regarding the way this website works aiming to offer you personalized services and bonus offers created by these third parties.

Casinowebgames keeps the right to share personal information if it’s required by law or during a court case.

3. Customer rights

The customers have the right:

  • To be informed;
  • To require deletion of the collected data;
  • To require limits for the usage of their personal data;
  • To ask for personal data correction;
  • To film a claim in case they thing that their customer rights have been corrupted or violated;

4. Child protection

Casinowebgames is a platform with materials for online csino betting and other gambling games and due to this reason all the presented products, promotions, content and services are not suitable for minors.

Our website would not deliberately collect the personal details about anyone who’s not of a legal age. If we detect child’s personal data, we will delete it as soon as possible.

We are not responsible for any minor’s actions taken under the affection of this website content or of any of our advertising materials.

5. Changes and updates

Casinowebgames saves the right to make changes in our Privacy Policy at any time and with no explicit warning. Every time you have doubts about any question or issue, you can go back to this page and have a quick reminder of these conditions.