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Cheques are a popular form of payment and one of the most secure ones for depositing and withdrawing in online casinos.

Even though it’s quite an outdated method, some casinos still accept it as a way to include all types of payment methods in their portfolio.

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Depositing & Withdrawing with a Cheque

If you’re not familiar with the method, a cheque is a document that authorizes a payment made from your bank of choice to a named beneficiary. You have to own a checking account with a bank and have a deposit of cash inside. Then you have to write the instruction of how the payment should be handled on your cheques like the amount of money, date, and the person you’re paying. You can use it for both individuals and institutions.

Usually, US casinos use it for withdrawing because there is a UIGEA law that frowns upon electronic withdrawing. Cheques can often be seen to be issued by a third-party intermediary. This is done because it must look like the payment is going elsewhere than to an online casino.

After all these years, it’s pretty uncommon for people to use it and often use credit or debit cards. With cheques, the withdrawal times are longer because the document has to reach the other person, then it needs to be deposited in their bank account. The depositing can have a clearance period which can be a bit longer.


Questions and Answers

Yes, it's safe because bank institutions handle the process. Even though it's an outdated method, some players prefer it over e-payment methods.

Cheques are more commonly used in the US, but other countries have them in their online casinos. You should check with your casino of choice if they have such options.

It's not hard to use cheques, but it's much quicker to use a card. Simply because the banks take too much time to go over the cheque and issue the payment. Debit cards also have a longer withdrawal time, but they're more tailored for online transactions.

You just have the fill in the information of how you want the bank to handle your payment. Information like date, amount of cash, and the recipient's name are needed. After that, you pass it along, and the bank handles the procedure.

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