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Back in 2014, the operator Africell acquired the telecom network Orange Uganda, and thus a network of more than 650 cell towers was born. Now it serves many areas like Uganda, Gambia, Sierra Leone, DR Congo with a growing number of loyal subscribers. However, through recent rebranding, Africell introduced a payment service called Afrimoney.

This service is a mobile money transfer option that has become very successful, especially when it comes to online gambling. Some future changes to Afrimoney will include expanding the range of payment options like PayGo service, international remittance, local banks integration, and many more.

In our brief review, we’ll go over how to use the payment method in casinos and why it’s preferred amongst online casino players.

How to use Afrimoney- creating an account and depositing

To start using Afrimoney, you have to have an account which you can do very easily. The first thing to do is go to a nearby Afrimoney shop in your area where Afrimoney operates. Then, give the shop a form of identification of yourself like an ID, driving permit, employer’s card, student ID, etc. Once you have your identity verified, you have to fill in an application form. Now that your account is all set up, you’ll receive a message on your phone which requires you to change your PIN code. Finally, you have to fund your account, and you can do that in an Afrimoney shop or any authorized agent.

Then, you can deposit from Afrimoney to your casino account by dialing your country’s specific number and selecting from the menu popping up the SEND MONEY service. Then, tap the SEND TO AFRIMONEY CUSTOMER option and enter the casino’s phone number.

Finally, confirm the transaction, enter the Afrimoney PIN code, and you’ll receive an SMS confirming that your transaction is successful. That’s it!

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Questions and answers

Yes, Afrimoney is super easy to use, and anyone can use the method and learn to do that fast and simple.

Yes, Afrimoney is safe to use, and this is one of its many advantages to its name. Easy, secure, and convenient for your best online gambling experience possible!

Yes, you can use Afrimoney on mobile thanks to their mobile application, making it easier to use wherever you go.

Yes, Afrimoney deposits are instant, so you can start playing in your favorite casino right away. No need to wait for days on end.

No, you can't use Afrimoney worldwide, and you can only use it in Uganda, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and DR Congo, which might be unfortunate for some players.

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