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Alderney might not be a widely-recognizable location for most people, but gamblers know that it has become synonymous with high quality and fair gaming. The tiny island in the English channel drew hundreds of companies to apply for a casino license in the past two decades. And here are some of the top gaming websites operating with the AGCC permit:

Benefits of Alderney Licensed Casinos

Low taxes and stringent regulations highlight the main reasons why so many operators apply for online gaming approval in Alderney. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is the authority responsible for granting permits to a wide array of companies in the global gambling industry. Among the benefits for players at AGCC-approved casinos, we have to point out the following:

Company responsibilities – Any operator applying for the AGCC permit has to meet the high standards set by the Commission. All companies need to show evidence of clear ownership, sufficient financial resources, proven competence to operate within the industry, and no criminal records at all. The Commission will stop those companies that don’t comply with demands and confront any entity that eventually compromises the rules.

Players protection – With those strict demands mentioned above, customers can feel safe playing at the Alderney gaming site. Personal information has to be well-protected by any company that holds or applies for AGCC approval. Customers can rely on the Commission’s support if there is any evidence of unfair action conducted by an online casino under this jurisdiction.

Separated funds – That is a crucial demand for operators to obtain the Alderney license. Customers’ money is protected by the demand of the AGCC to hold it separately from the company’s operating resources. If the casino goes bankrupt for any reason, the funds in the players’ stay untouched.

Fair Gaming – Any casino under the AGCC jurisdiction needs to utilize Random Number Generators to guarantee that the game is a matter of chance. The complex set of programming codes prevents the operator from manipulating games, whether via software or manually. Gaming websites with Alderney permits are obliged to show the average RTP ratio for every game. Players can be sure to gamble under simple rules of luck.

It is easy to understand why numerous companies, including some of the top brands, are eager to apply for the AGCC license. The outstanding high-quality Internet connection and the option to operate in both Europe and the UK with the Alderney approval add to the value of those who were granted the permit.

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Questions and Answers

It is. Gaming websites approved by the AGCC meet strict demands to guarantee players' data and funds.

You can find the operators' information approved by the Alderney authority relying on the official Commission sources. You definitely can trust those casinos with the AGCC permit highlighted on our website.

Alderney is a tiny island in the English. With so many companies registered under this jurisdiction, it is obvious that the permit is issued not only for internal use. However, it would be best if you found out if a particular AGCC-approved casino complies with your country's legal standards.

Online gambling sites set different limits for deposits. Most of the AGCC casinos allow customers to play with a relatively low initial transfer in the range of 5 to 20 euros (GBP).

Yes. And there is a big chance to win the case since AGCC confronts those companies who break the rules.

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