Cookie Policy wants the customers to be fully aware of the technologies that are used in the website. Due to this we believe that it’s important for us to tell you why and how we use cookies.

What are cookies?

The HTTP cookie is a small file with information that is stored in your device during each of your visits in the website.

By using cookies our software can save your actions.

The stored data is used for the improvement and personalization of the customer experience, as well as the functionality advance and for statistical purposes.

Some of the cookies are necessary due to technical reasons. Other cookies are not absolutely necessary, but we use them to improve our service.

Agreement with the use of cookies

By using our website you automatically agree with the use and storage of the cookies on your device.

Browsing in is possible with cookies storage function blocked, but in this case it’s possible for some specific functions and pages in the website not to go smoothly.

If you want the cookies not to be stored on your device, you can claim for this through the functionality of the system settings on your browser. In addition to this, you can always delete the saved cookies – through the browser menu.

Storage period

  • Session cookies – Part of the cookies are necessary only during the usage of These are the so called session cookies. They will be automatically deleted once you close our website.
  • Persistent cookies – Some cookies are stored for a longer time or even forever. They will remain on your computer even when you close our website. The persistent cookies provide us the possibility to store personal details about each customer and thanks to them to offer personalized content for this specific customer during the next visit.

Changes in Cookies Policy

Our policy for usage of cookies can be changed within the time. We preserve the right to make changes. All of these changes will be updated on this page.