1xBet Casino Mobile

Mobile Bonus

Up to €1,500

+ 150 free spins

Mobile slot games: 3000+
Available Applications
  • Mobile
  • Android
  • iOS

1xBet Casino has a mobile version for all platform types: smartphones and tables, Android and iOS – you can always play thousands of casino games on the go.

The Russian company perceives itself as one of the most innovative gambling platforms in the world, but often, it’s been criticized for the quality of its website. These critics are reasonable to a not inconsiderable degree, but they refer only to the desktop version – the mobile apps are of a completely different quality level and totally up to date with the latest contemporary tends and technologies.

Android & iOS Compatibility

OS Requirements App Size Free or Paid Web Browser App
Android Android 5 or later 25 MB Free Yes
iOS iOS 10 or later 196 MB Free Yes
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1xBet Casino is supported at all mobile platforms, but the question is how, of course.
For all devices with Android 5 and iOS 10 or higher newer versions the best solution is to use the mobile app. For all the rest devices the only choice you’ve got is the mobile website version.

What’s the difference? 1xBet Casino app is downloaded, while the mobile version – is not. There are quite many differences in the design and functions, too. While most of the websites try to support mobile versions and mobile apps that are comparatively similar, in this case the differences are significant. The web version looks like the desktop website as a whole, while the mobile apps use a completely new and according to us, a better approach into the design and development processes.

Android App Download Guide

1xBet on Android

1xBet Casino android version can be downloaded either from the desktop version, or from the mobile platform. If you download it from the desktop website, then you will have to transfer it somehow to your tablet or smartphone.

This is why it is better to directly get your mobile device, then, to enter through it, the Russian website and click the button for the apps that is at the bottom of the website, respectively to download a mobile app.

Then, you will have to manually start the installation process and to confirm it.

iPhone App & iPad App Download

1xBet on iPhone

In difference to Android, 1xBet Casino iOS app is uploaded on the official market store for this operating system.

1xBet on iPad

In other words, you can simply enter iTunes and the download files are going to be there – the only thing you have to do is to find them through the search.

For iOS, 1xBet Casino has an extra app alongside with the main app. What you can download in addition to the general app is 1xPay software that allows you to follow your financial transactions through and to your playing account balance, but honestly, there’s no need to do so as the general app actually can offer you a similar feature.

1xBet on iPhone
1xBet on iPad

Our Rating

The games in 1xBet Casino mobile app might be fewer than those in the desktop version, but despite of this fact, we prefer it for a play rather than using the mobile website.

The app is bug-free and has all the mobile bonuses. Even with fewer games for smartphones and tablets, 1xBet Casino has been still the king of the mobile slot games which are several thousands.

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If you have such a problem, first of all you should get confident about your internet connection reliability. In most cases, that’s the problem.

The bonuses for all the devices are identical.

Switch to the operator’s mobile website version – it’s an alternative to Android and iOS apps.

You can open it as fast as possible through the link in our mobile review.

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